Water Shortage Solutions

Galiano Engineering Expert on Islands Trust Flawed
Desalination & Dock Ban

”In my opinion, there is no justification whatsoever for the suggested blanket prohibitions of desalination, docks and seawalls.
As a Galiano Islander who strongly supports the principles of the Trust Object, I would like the Trust to be advocating good education of islanders and their contractors for best possible results rather than devising new regulatory functions for itself.”

Read his full letter to Islands Trustees here.
-Bowie Keefer, Ph.D., P.Eng.

"It should be emphasized that seawater desalination is an entirely practicable and affordable option which guarantees overall self-sufficiency of our islands in water supply.
Private docks can provide ideally convenient intake and outfall points for household desalination units. Docks have important roles for connecting islands to the water and to other islands, as well as providing emergency evacuation points. Sensitive design and careful installation are needed to minimize ecological and aesthetic impacts."

Read his full letter to Islands Trustees here.

-Bowie Keefer, Ph.D., P.Eng. Galiano Resident & Expert

Bowen Island Municipality Endorses Desalination

Desalination within the context of scarce freshwater resources may be the most ecologically sensitive approach.  Climate change impacts may well enhance the need for desalination in the future.”

Another Water Treatment Expert View

“Islands Trust should be planning and setting up a system where they have Desal plants set up on each major island with a water truck that can deliver water to residents and businesses for a reasonable fee. This would also be a smart investment for when the next big earthquake comes and shuts down many sources of potable water for months and months. I cannot believe that Islands Trust is trying to ban the use of desalination water on our islands. They should be doing the exact opposite.”  Read his assessment of all the water options, from rainwater collection and more here.
Wilfred Scheuer, a water supply and treatment expert

Gossip Island Resident Letter

Gossip Island resident Lynnette Salton shared her concerns on the Islands Trust proposed desalination ban despite chronic water shortages.😮👇

"We feel strongly that there is no evidence to support a ban on desalination. As the climate continues to change and water becomes an even greater source for concern the decision to ban desalination is ludicrous. If your mission is to serve and protect the residents of this community, you have failed by your previous decision on desalination and the use of private docks to utilize home desalination units. We know that this is a critical viable option for us in the near future."

👀 Read her letter here.


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