Our flyers are being mailed out to the many remote communities who lack robust internet access but want to know about the Islands Trust’s plan to expand their mandate and significantly grow our property taxes as a result.  

Please download each flyer via button below and print or  circulate by email.  Also, subscribe to our email newsletter list below so you won’t miss any critical updates.

Will the Islands Trust bury another failed report card?

Download our flyer below.

Why are Islands Trust Meeting agendas 789 pages long and “largely unread”?

Download our flyer below.

Is Islands Trust Putting Your Home at Risk of Forest Fire?

Read about how the Islands Trust proposal to assume bylaw control of tree cutting may be taking away your ability to remove dangerous trees from your private property. Download our flyer below.

Vote this Oct.15, 2022

This October is your once in a four-year opportunity to make a difference in the future of your property, your island and your island community. Download our recent flyer to learn more and some questions to ask potential Islands Trustee candidates.


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