The Islands Trust Responsibilities

The Islands Trust is a federation of 12 special-purpose local government bodies and Bowen Island Municipality, all of which plan land use and regulate development in the Islands Trust Area (see map).  

The Islands Trust consists of several distinct corporate entities: Islands Trust Council, Executive Committee, 12 local trust committees, Bowen Island Municipality, and Islands Trust Conservancy.

-Excerpted from the Islands Trust 202`1 Annual Report

Their proposed changes to the Policy Statement are not the first time they’ve tried to gain additional power.
The Islands Trust has been attempting for some years to grow their mandate, encroaching onto senior government roles, and duplicating services as you can see here.

Current Priorities

Trust Council's 2018–2022 Strategic Plan was amended in March 2021 to align with Trust Council priorities, staff resources & budget.
The plan has five priorities:

Failed Management & Governance Review

An independent expert consultant hired by the Islands Trust to conduct a review of their policies, practices, and procedures has concluded the Trust is “dysfunctional” and has a “leadership deficit” and no clear direction, among other findings. Read the report which we’ve yellow highlighted in the link below. Or you can read just the executive summary here.

Another Failed Report on Islands Trust

A previous consultant, Stantec, also found serious deficiencies in the Islands Trust, but their March 2007 report seems to have been buried without any associated remedial actions, some trustees have told us.  

Read that Stantec report here.

A former Islands Trust Planner Matt Fraser wrote a subsequent report identifying a need for more planners, which was acted on, significantly growing the budget and salaries of the Islands Trust.
Yet Islands Trust performance has clearly not improved as a  result, judging by the Feb. 2022 governance and management review.

Request for Decision (RFD)

Some Trustees have heard and acted upon resident concerns.

Two Islands Trustees, Paul Brent (Saturna third-term Trustee), Scott Coleburn (Gabriola first-term Trustee) have taken the lead. They’ve prepared a Request for Decision for Trust Council approval at their June 21st meeting, asking the Lieutenant Governor in Council for the Province of British Columbia undertake “a review of the Islands Trust's mandate, governance and structure”.
Please read the RFD. Then, email the Trustees to Support This RFD at their June 21, 2022 meeting.

Speak at Council Meetings

To ensure your voice is heard and your emails or letters are included in official public engagement, please participate through various means.  

EMAIL: You can email the Islands Trust public engagement consultant. E: (copy

SPEAK: You can speak at a meeting.
Speaker Delegate Registration form here.

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